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Convenience is Key

Today more than ever people are busy and seeking convenience. We are all getting our groceries, toiletries and other household and beauty products delivered each month, so why wouldn’t we seek the same for our cannabis?

Maybe you are too busy to get to a dispensary. Maybe you like to keep your habits private and do not want to be seen at a dispensary. Maybe you have a medical condition that prevents you from driving. No matter what the reason, we got you covered!

Pelican Delivers is the best cannabis delivery service around. All our drivers are friendly and professional and will deliver your favorite cannabis products right to the comfort of your home

What to Expect with Pelican Delivers
Here are some things you can expect when you use our cannabis delivery service:
When you choose to use Pelican Delivers, you can expect high quality cannabis products delivered right to your door from your favorite local dispensary. You can expect to be met with friendly and professional customer service every time.

Premium cannabis products delivered right to your door.

Fast delivery times.

Exceptional customer service.

Discreet delivery.

Friendly, professional drivers.

Convenience. Convenience. Convenience.

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